Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. has been providing quality electroplating services for the electronic, telecommunications, medical and aerospace industries since 1980. A commitment to invest in new equipment and technology has enabled EPSI to offer their customers unequalled quality, service, and reliability, and provide new alternatives to resolve old problems. EPSI specializes in rack and barrel plating of sheet metal, screw machine, metal stampings and various machined parts. Parts with deep IDs, complex shapes or critical dimensional tolerances are routinely processed.

SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. and EPSI

Staying viable in the manufacturing industry is a challenge. It's almost impossible when your legacy software begins to present road blocks to your growing database needs. When EPSI contacted SRP, they were pushing the limits of poorly designed legacy applications. Additionally, customers were beginning to require that their vendor's information systems be capable of interfacing with current technology. SRP met these demands and provided EPSI with a Windows based solution that merged both legacy applications into a powerful and flexible ERP package. Now when shifts in the industry occur, SRP continues to enable EPSI's competitive edge through responsive and custom adjustments as needed.