Dispatch Assistant


Dispatch Assistant is designed to provide visual scheduling management for companies who dispatch employees to their client’s locations.

Product Information

Let’s face it: scheduling employees is hard enough when they are local to the business. When they are at remote locations and the clients vary throughout the day, it can be nearly impossible. That is why SRP designed Dispatch Assistant.

There are many different types of business that use Dispatch Assistant ranging from tow truck operations, pest control operators, plumbers, and IT support technicians to name a few. Dispatch Assistant enables dispatchers to create new service requests by simply dragging and dropping the request into an employee's schedule. Once the service request is created, the dispatcher can then assign them to an operator, establish lead and drive times, even move service requests from one operator to another in case of conflict. Service requests can be printed so the operator has all of the contact and relevant information. This streamlines the scheduling process by minimizing cross-communication and puts information in the right place, with the right person, from the beginning.

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